The Top 10 Memes of 2018 Part III

You've been waiting WEEKS to see what my top 4 memes are gonna be, so let's not waste any time! Here are my TOP 4 memes of 2018!

#4 Mason Ramsay (Walmart Yodeling Kid)

When people say you can't become famous from being a Meme, show them this video and the fame that followed this kid! 

#3 Yanny or Laurel


Basically this years' "What color is the dress"

#2 Ugandan Knuckles

Showin' us de way since January!

#1 Tik Tok

You can't go a day without seeing an ad for this platform, and it has spawned some of the worst cringe I have ever seen in recent years, and I've seen some cringe. That is why, to me, Tik Tok is the #1 meme of 2018. Lets hope 2019 gives us a new platform that overshadows Tik Tok and brings even more cringe into the world so I can cover it on my best of 2019 list!

Have a happy New Year!