The Top 10 Memes of 2018 Part I

This is probably my favorite blog post of the year. When you look back at the memes from this year alone, it's east to forget how recent they are when they die out so fast. Some of these memes I could already cover on the Dead Memes Club because they're technically are dead! Aside from a certain celebrity that won't be named getting caught in a certain wooded area that won't be named, here are my 10 favorite memes from 2018!

#10: Somebody Touch'a My Spaghett!

Okay, so technically this one came out in 2017, but it came out on Christmas Day, and circulated mostly in the beginning of 2018.

#9 Change My Mind

I mean, you put up a sign in a public space, somebody's bound to photo-shop it for their own personal Reddit Karma.

#8 The Tide Pod Challenge


I hate knowing that 2018 is going to be known as the year people were eating Tide Pods on the internet. 

There's three of the top 10 memes of 2018! Next week we'll take a look at three more!