The Top 10 Memes of 2018 Part II

Time to take another look at the memes from earlier this year as we continue to count down my top 10 memes of 2018!

#7 The American Chopper Arguement


I watched the crap out of this show with my family as a kid. Looking at it now, it's obvious that it's scripted, but I love how it accurately portrays what arguing on the internet is like.

#6 Moth Memes

I feel like people either loved or hated the moth meme. Honestly, I think it's brilliant. It's wholesome, and it reminds me of a  really funny joke I've heard once.

#5 Bongo Cat


I mean... come on! Look how cute he is!

Stick around next week! The top 4 memes of 2018 are coming up!