90s at 9 Do Not Mosh To 'Sex Type Thing'

"Sex Type Thing" is often misinterpreted.

"Sex Type Thing" was Stone Temple Pilots' debut song off their debut album Core  released in 1993. The song was written from the perspective of a rapist trying to justify his actions and it is often misinterpreted. Lead singer, Scott Weiland, said that the song was meant to speak out against date rape, but the message is often lost in the music. He said he was disappointed whenever people would mosh to the song when they performed live. 

In order to help people understand that he was singing it from the perspective of a deranged character he sometimes put on a dress and smeared lipstick on his face before performing the song. 

Scott Weiland opened up about being sexually abused when he was young by older men in his book "Not Dead & Not For Sale."

The song got significant radio play which surprised the band. It peaked at #23 on the Album Rock Tracks chart. Though it may not be their biggest hit "Sex Type Thing" has been called their most powerful song.

Stone Temple Pilots "Sex Type Thing" 1993