90s at 9 'She Talks To Angels' Is About A 'Hot Dog' Of People

"She Talks To Angels" may have been written with one type of person in mind it is actually about a lot of people as Chris Robinson put it a "hot dog" of people, "not always the best parts."

"She Talks To Angels" was the fourth single released off Black Crowes' first studio album Shake Your Money Maker. It reached #30 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Album Rock Tracks chart. 

The song is loosely about a goth girl who was into heroin the band was familiar with in their early days. Though it's not actually about one particular person it's a "hot dog" of people as frontman, Chris Robinson, puts it, from the club scene in Atlanta. "Not always the best parts," Robinson said, "or the best parts for you." With the goth girl in mind Robinson and his bandmate and brother Rich wrote a made up biography for her. 

The Christian band Third Day has a song called "Blackbird" that imitates Black Crowes' sound which claims they like the Black Crowes' music but they need Jesus. There is a lyric in "Black Bird" that says "You say to talk to angels, well I say it's such a lie." They also reference the Black Crowes song "Remedy."

Third Day "Blackbird" 1996

 A "hot dog" of people make for a pretty great song. Robinson admits that when he wrote the song he himself hadn't experienced that kind of drug induced life so it was all in his imagination. 

Black Crowes "She Talks To Angels" 1990