90S at 9 'Falling Away From Me' Is About The Power To Take Control

Lead singer, Jonathan Davis said the song is about domestic abuse and how to get help.

"Falling Away From Me" was the first single off Korn's fourth album Issues. The song is one of Korn's most well known songs. It reached #7 on the Alternative Songs chart and the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.   

In an interview with Songfacts  Jonathan Davis explained;

"The song is about domestic abuse and that there are ways to get help whether it's telling someone or calling a help line, there are ways to get out of those situations. No one has to be treated like that."

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit directed the music video, which is a continuation of the "Freak On A Leash" video opening with the closing scene of that video. The video focuses on child abuse, but the song is about domestic abuse as a whole. 

[from Songfacts] According to Korn's management the electricity part of the video, "represents the power inside us to change our situation and take control." Korn saw it differently, "it was just a metal cool thing."

Korn "Falling Away From Me" 1999