90s at 9 'You'd be well advised not to plan my funeral before the body dies'

Alice In Chains was the subject of many rumors in the mid 90s and that inspired the song.

Alice in Chains released the song "Grind" off their self titled album in 1995. It spent 16 weeks on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart peaking at #7. It was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 1996.

Jerry Cantrell wrote and sings lead on the song with Layne Staley performing backing vocals. 

Alice in Chains was the subject of many rumors in the mid 90s, which inspired this song. The opening lines directly counters the frequent rumors of Alice In Chains singers dying "In the darkest hole, you'd be well advised/Not to plan my funeral before the body dies." Cantrell said in the liner notes:

"That was pretty much at the height of publicity about canceled tours, heroin, amputations, everything, thus it was another 'F-U for saying something about my life' song. Any single rumor you can imagine, I've heard. I've been dead a few times, Layne's been dead countless times and lost limbs. I get on the phone every time I hear a new one, 'Hey Layne, radio in New York says you lost two more fingers.' 'Oh really? Cool.' I'd spoof The Six Million Dollar Man ; 'Since technology's moved on it only cost us 2 million to put Layne back together and we got better parts." 

Layne Staley did pass away young, at the age of 34, on April 5, 2002 of a drug overdose. 

Alice In Chains "Grind" 1995