Y2Kessler: Blink's 'Feel Good' song!

I used to dream of going to Van's Warped Tour in high school. I would see ads for it in the pages of my Alternative Press magazine, and just drool over the lineup. All of my favorite bands I listened to and read about were going to be there. I could only imagine the time I could have, and today's Y2Kessler song is about! 

When Blink-182 was in the middle of producing their 4th album, they were told by their producer that the record needed more 'Feel good' songs. It was that suggestion that sparked the writing of both "First Date" and today's song, " The Rock Show". We're not talking about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, or the Michael Bay film starring Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery, We're talking about the Rock show! And that's Warped Tour!  Now imagine through all the excitement of seeing your favorite bands among thousands of like minded people, you also happen to fall in love! Talk about a fantasy, but "I ended up on Craiglist Missed Connections after The Rock Show" wouldn't have made for a nearly as interesting song!

Blink-182 - The Rock Show - 2001