'Communications Director' hired for City of Marshfield

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MARSHFIELD, WI (WSAU) -- The City of Marshfield will have its first-ever Communications Director on staff starting Monday morning, and Mayor Bob McManus says the new hire is coming from the City of Wisconsin Rapids where he served as Multimedia Coordinator and Manager of the Public Access Television Channel.

"The person that has been hired is Tom Loucks out of Wisconsin Rapids." McManus said.  "He brings a lot of experience to the city, and we're very excited about this direction that we're going in.  I think you're going to see our communication really take off."

Loucks was chosen from a wide range of candidates who had applied for the job.  "We got 34 people to respond to the ad," McManus explained, "and the staff got it down to the top five, and then they ended up getting down to the top three."

The city's new communications department will also eventually include an 'assistant' position that should be on board by early spring.  According to the mayor, "That assistant position will go through the same process, so that hopefully that person would be starting at the beginning of March."

The city's been considering the addition of a communications department since last August when a special communications committee was put together to study the issue.

Then, following a series of committee and council approvals, Loucks was announced as the city's new Communications Director at a special session of the city's Common Council Thursday night.