Sturgeon spearing continues

Day 10 of sturgeon spearing shows declding numbers.

What's the latest from Lake Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes? 

Ryan Koenigs of the DNR has the details.

As expected, today’s sturgeon harvest took quite a dip as 26 fish were registered on the Winnebago System (17 from Lake Winnebago and 9 from the Upriver Lakes). Waverly Beach and Stockbridge Harbor stations continue to register the most fish with each station registering five sturgeon today. The largest fish harvested today was 95.6 pounds (68.2”) and registered at Waverly Beach by Mack Stuck of Menasha. The largest fish registered on the Upriver Lakes today was 83.1 pounds (68.0”) and registered at Critter’s by Ricky Remme of Freemont. A detailed break down of today’s harvest can be viewed through the following link:

Day 10 - Harvest Report.pdf