Terry's 3-some @ 3 - When a Monster Goes Solo

Every weekday at 3pm, I play 3 songs in a row by a single band, or based on a single theme.

In all of my years of driving, I have only received a speeding ticket a couple of times.

Both times, I was listening to White Zombie.

It's never Rob Zombie, just his old band.

In the interest of preserving my meager budget, Rob's going solo today.

SONG 1:  "Superbeast"

The last single from Zombie's solo debut "Hellbilly Deluxe", "Superbeast" cribs its title from, you guessed it,  a horror film .

The video is pretty rad, featuring Mrs. Zombie herself, Sheri Moon, doing rad stuff like fighting ninjas and robots.

SONG 2:  "Foxy Foxy"

This song put fans on notice that Zombie was going to try out some less metally stuff.

Very less metally stuff.

While I dig it now, it took me a while to warm up to this sort of thing from Mr. Zombie. 

SONG 3:  "Never Gonna Stop"

While I marked out when this was the entrance theme for WWE Superstar Edge, there's no doubt in my mind that  Alter Bridge's "Metalingus" was the far superior entrance theme for the guy.

Sorry, Rob.  Cool "A Clockwork Orange" nods in the vid for this song though.


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