Terry's 3-some @ 3 - Y'all Want More Singles?

Every weekday at 3pm, I play 3 songs in a row by a single band, or based on a single theme.

Hey, Jonathan Davis!  You and the Korn crew ready to be featured in another Terrys' 3-Some @ 3?


Let's do this.

SONG 1:  "Rotting in Vain"

Korn went through a very experimental phase on their "The Path of Totality" and "The Paradigm Shift" albums, playing around with dubstep and electronic influences.  Results and reviews were...mixed.

"The Serenity of Suffering" took the band back to going HARD af.  It was like a modernized version of old-school Korn & it was delightful.  As the first single from the album "Rotting in Vain" put the world on notice.  Korn could still GO.

Also, it was super-cool to hear Jonathan Davis do that scat growling thing he does again.

SONG 2:  "Coming Undone"

We mentioned Korn's dubstep/electronic experimentation.

This song got a little experiment of its own from crunk-style rappers (remember crunk?)  Dem Franchize Boyz .

We'll see if the current crop of mumble-rap chodes can pull off anything that cool...

SONG 3:  "Y'all Want a Single"

They say the F-word 89 times in this song.

Written in response to their management and record label asking for "a hit single", Korn was more than a little put off by this request.  So, they wrote and recorded this and it became a hit single anyway.

Go figure.

I do take exception to a couple of the graphics in the video.

1)  "The Music Industry" releases 100 songs per week.

That number is a LOT higher these days.

2)  Only 4 songs are added to the average radio playlist each week.

I can't speak to all radio stations, but as far as we go, if we added EVERY song released EVERY week, we'd never play a song that's over a month old.

When you look up an artist on Spotify and view their top songs, it's nearly always old stuff.  The new stuff might spike up a bit in the first few weeks or months after a new release, but the old stuff almost always regains its spot.

Most people like hearing what they know.  Humans are psychologically hardwired to be wary of the unfamiliar.  Radio stations that lean on too much unfamiliar music don't have as many listeners as stations that find the right balance of familiar and new music.  In order to play stuff people know, while also making room for new music, we have to be picky about what singles get the nod.  That's not due to us hating music.  Hell, we love it.  That's why we do this for a living.  This formula is a reflection of listener tastes and desires.

Luckily for Korn, they're VERY popular on this station.


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