The Artist Spotlight- Stoned Ape Theory

Check out their song, "No Alibis" and learn more about the band below.

Stoned Ape Theory and their new song, "No Alibis" were featured today on The Artist Spotlight. The song is from the band's debut EP, "Primal."

Check out an interview with the guys below:

1. How did Stoned Ape Theory form?

Guitarist Jordan Moseley and Singer Michiel Ford have been jamming together for the last 3 years. I joined up with them last fall and we really started to develop and write these songs. We’ve rounded out the band with Dayton Pitts on drums and Brett Branam on bass for the live shows.

2. Also, you have quite a unique name, how did you come up with Stoned Ape Theory?

Stoned Ape Theory is an idea formed by Terence McKenna that suggests Apes rewired their psych by ingesting mushrooms and different psycho altering plants. Thus in turn stimulating evolution and the beginnings of mankind. We apply that theory to modern day era and feel that the human race is stuck in a rut and needs proper stimuli for us to evolve to the next level. For us to evolve past hate and discrimination against each other we need the proper stimuli and we feel that the human race is going backwards as of late. Proper stimuli could be as little as learning to think on your own and stop following the herd mentality like sheep.

3. What is the inspiration or meaning behind, "No Alibis"?

Really all three of our songs on our EP encompass calling out hate and bigotry and the pettiness of the human race at times. This one calls out shooting your third eye blind, living dead inside and posting a picture perfect life on social media. We are all guilty of that to an extent. Painting the picture of how perfect we are when we are all mental basket cases barely stumbling through this world.

4. What are your music plans for 2020?

Well we have Edgefest in Ottawa Ks coming up July 25th. We are playing a 45 minute set at that show and it should be a fun one. Lots of Midwest bands at this (masks required) festival. we recorded are first 3 song EP early March in Nashville with Producer Brett Hestla. So we are just pumping out all 3 of those songs onto all streaming platforms. Just search for Stoned Ape Theory Primal and you’ll find us.

5. When it's safe to tour again, where is the first place you want to play?

Anywhere that’ll take us in. We have been really working on our live show and our goal is to travel around the Midwest and play shows. We’d love to open up for some national acts. We feel like we have the pedigree to be a player with anybody.


Hey I'm Ryan and it's great to be back in Wisconsin. I am originally an Ohio guy and have been traveling around the Midwest for the last decade with stops in Green Bay, Fairmont, MN and Bloomington, IL. I am very excited to be on Rock 94.7 and be living in Central Wisconsin.

When I am not at work I enjoy being outside, playing video games, going to concerts and watching sports.