The Artist Spotlight- Lifer

Check out the video for "Born Again" and learn more about it below.

Lifer and their song "Born Again" were featured today on The Artist Spotlight. The band broke up in 2002 before reforming in 2018.

"Born Again" is their first new song in 18 years. Lead singer Nick Coyle shared this about the song:

"Actually for this song in particular.... it was an old lifer song from back in the day that we never recorded. The last song Aaron and I wrote together before he left for Breaking Benjamin. We actually wrote it for the movie “the scorpion king” but decided to just have them use our song “Breathless” instead. Funny thing.... They gave us a sheet of “song themes” that they wanted to tell the story. Basically the concept of rising up was on there so it’s loosely about that. But I sort of made it more ambiguous so it wasn’t really coming right out and talking about the rock and swords hahaha. At the end of the day none of the songs that were on the soundtrack actually ended up in the movie. But it sold like 700k copies and we go a gold record for it so I can’t complain lol. Fast forward to now.... when we got back together and jamming and writing, we ended up just playing it one day and I sounded good and actually still felt fresh. So we decided to record it and put it out."


Hey I'm Ryan and it's great to be back in Wisconsin. I am originally an Ohio guy and have been traveling around the Midwest for the last decade with stops in Green Bay, Fairmont, MN and Bloomington, IL. I am very excited to be on Rock 94.7 and be living in Central Wisconsin.

When I am not at work I enjoy being outside, playing video games, going to concerts and watching sports.