Baby Yoda is a Packers fan?

Based on the popularity of Baby Yoda , it seems everyone is trying to get their hands on a little stuffed version of the fictional character. Build-A-Bear is even planning to add "The Child" to their collection.

If you never had interest in Baby Yoda before, this may or may not change your mind. It appears, The Mandalorian star is a Green Bay Packers fan!

Disney's CEO Robert Iger sent out this tweet after the Packers beat the Seahawks (1/12/2020), to head to the NFC Championship game.

For me, Baby Yoda is more creepy than cute. But, I think he's more appealing in a Packers outfit ;)

Cover photo courtesy of Twitter pic from @RobertIger

BTW, if I messed up any reference about Baby Yoda, please accept my apology in advance. I'm still learning the Star Wars lingo :)