It's time to plan Lake Michigan's future

You can help plan the future of Lake Michigan. Really, you can.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is continuing to work with stakeholders to determine the future course of fisheries management on Lake Michigan. The Wisconsin Great Lakes sport fishery generates $185.4 million dollars in economic activity per year and everyone can agree to the goal of optimizing this fishery.

On May 20 at Lakeshore Technical College, department staff along with interested stakeholders will begin the process to shape the course of future management on the lake. At this meeting, department staff will present the latest Lake Michigan survey information and stakeholders will contribute ideas and input on future fisheries management initiatives.

“We have been working with stakeholders in earnest over the last 5 years and have responded to both the science and stakeholder preferences to continue this excellent fishery,” said Brad Eggold, Great Lakes District Fisheries Supervisor. “At this meeting, we will begin discussions on the most recent information, answer questions and gather input and comments that will ultimately culminate in a plan for 2020 and beyond.”

The meeting is slated for Monday, May 20 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Lakeshore Technical College, Cleveland, WI in the East Centennial Hall.

For more information and to read the handouts created for the meeting, go to and search for Lake Michigan Meetings.