Y2Kessler: When Kid Kessler Met Seether

If memory serves me right, which 80% of the time it does, today's Y2Kessler song is what introduced me to Seether! It's the first single off their 3rd album "Karma and Effect". Remedy is a song about fighting addiction, which if you know anything about Shaun Morgan and his career, that's a bit of a reoccurring theme. 

I remember hearing the song back in high school. I was on a school trip, and our class went to the mall for lunch. They let us run around for a couple of hours, so my friends and I went to this arcade.  Music played throughout the whole arcade, and multiple TVs were set up showing the music videos that accompanied them. While I was playing games with my friend was when I heard the first riffs of Remedy and immediately I was interested. The music video played this twisted cinematography along to beat, then Morgan shows his face covered in smeared black and white makeup, and that's when I was introduced to Seether! 

Seether - Remedy - 2005


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