Y2Kessler: Unhappy Entrepreneurs

Not going to lie, I woke up with this song stuck in my head this morning and that's why I'm covering it on Y2Kessler today. I'm kind of glad I did too, because in my research I learned something pretty interesting about Paramore's "Misery Business"

This song was the lead single off their 2nd album called "Riot!" (Still my favorite Paramore album).  The song peaked at number 3 on the Hot Modern Rock charts, and #26 on the Billboard top 100 which was their highest ranked song until "Ain't it Fun" came out in 2014.

The most interesting thing about this song is that Hayley Williams has a different opinion about the song than most of her fans do.  At a concert in September of 2018, Paramore  announced that they were no longer going to play the song live!

Hayley wrote the song when she was 17, and as a 26 year old woman your ideals and morals tend to shift away from the way you thought the world was in your teens. Needless to say Hayley grew up, she grew out of it.  Shame we wont be able to hear it live anymore, but it'll always live on in the timeless information vault known as the internet! 

Paramore - Misery Business - 2007