The Artist Spotlight- Plain As Ghosts

Plain As Ghosts and their song and their song "Safety Pin" were featured today for The Artist Spotlight.

Plain As Ghosts were the featured band for today on The Artist Spotlight with their song "Safety Pin."

I had a chance to interview the guys about the meaning of the song and this is what they shared:

"Safety Pin is really about letting go of anything holding you back and just being who you really are. I think often we feel that we are defined by pressures that the society puts on us like, social standing, political affiliation etc and sometimes we feel the need to "fit" into those molds. The song refers to being able to navigate the world and experience life in our own unique and individual way. Its about celebrating our differences and coming together to support each other to be able to stand our ground and feel supported to face our fears."

Check out the video for "Safety Pin" below:


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