Anthrax Set to Drop Expanded Versions of "Persistence Of Time For 30th Anniversary in August

Anthrax will release an expanded and remastered 30th anniversary edition of their 1990 record, "Persistence Of Time" on August 21st.

The reissue of the New York thrash band's fifth record will be presented exclusively on 2-CD and 4-LP vinyl editions, with the CD package adding a DVD of footage from a 1991 tour in support of the project, but will not be available digitally.

The original record featured a generally darker, more brooding sound for the thrash-metal group, as well as a hit cover of Joe Jackson’s “Got the Time”

Disc One presents the remastered 11-track record, as well as a special "bonus B-side" version of "I'm The Man" from 1990 that leans more hip-hop than rock, and a live version of "Time" that was recorded at the now defunct Michigan's Palace of Auburn Hills in 1991. The final two songs on Disc One, as well as all nine tracks on Disc Two, are special recordings from "Charlie's Stash," an incomparable wealth of Anthrax music from the band's rehearsals, writing sessions, pre-production, and live performances that drummer Charlie Benante has recorded over the past 40 years and has been kept safely filed away.

The 40-minute "guerilla-style" DVD was shot when Anthrax was on tour with Iron Maiden in 1991 and features live footage of the drummer taking over the drums for Iron Maiden's Nick McBrain, as well as backstage and dressing room footage with members of both bands. The piece wraps with Benante, bassist Frank Bello, and guitarist Scott Ian joining Iron Maiden on stage for the final song of the night, "Sanctuary."

Side A:

“Time” (Remastered)

“Blood” (Remastered)

“Keep It in the Family” (Remastered)

Side B:

“In My World” (Remastered)

“Gridlock” (Remastered)

“Intro to Reality” (Remastered)

“Belly of the Beast” (Remastered)

Side C:

“Got the Time” (Remastered)

“H8 Red” (Remastered)

“One Man Stands” (Remastered)

“Discharge” (Remastered)

Side D:

“I’m the Man” (The Illest Version Ever)

“Time” (Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills)

“Got the Time” (Pre-Production)

Side E:

“In My World” (Pre Production – Scott Ian Guide Vocal)

“H8 Red” (Rehearsal Room/Charlie Benante’s Riff Tape/Pre-Production)

“Discharge” (Charlie’s Riff Tape/Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)

Side F:

“Keep It in the Family” (Rehearsal Room/Scott Ian Guide Vocal)

“Blood” (Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)

Side G:

“Intro to Reality” (Pre-Production)

“Belly of the Beast” (Tracking)

“Gridlock” (Tracking)

Side H;

“One Man Stands” (Pre-Production)

“Time” (Pre-Production, Scott Ian Guide Vocal)