Eric Beach - Still Here

"Still Here" and Eric Beach's message to veterans.

Nikki talks with filmmaker Eric Beach about the documentary "Still Here" tells the story of Ben Manthe a veteran who nearly died in Afghanistan and has found a new purpose through wrestling.
Ben (the subject of this documentary) has decided it's time for him to tell his story and make peace with his past. It's time for him to do what he can to save his brothers and sisters who are committing suicide at an alarming rate. He has personally lost 14 of the men he served with since returning home.

While in Afghanistan, Ben was shot in the face. Had the bullet not entered his jaw backwards, Ben would have died instantly. But he is with us today. Wrestling has been a constant in his life, and after battling his own addiction, he found his way back into the ring starting his own promotion called "Frontline Pro Wrestling."

Frontline's goal is to raise funds for organizations and causes close to his heart. It also serves as his new mission. This film will focus on the aftermath of Ben's injury and how getting shot was the easy part. The recovery was the hard part. It will also highlight the strong bonds and the diverse characters that make up independent wrestling. They have a story to tell as well.

This project seeks to make a difference by empowering a veteran who is ready to use his voice, in hopes he can save a life. It also seeks to pull back the curtain and give civilians a glimpse into the mind of our veterans as well as show the emotional side, the familial and strong bonds formed by the wrestlers who put their lives in each others hands every match.

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