Water well to be examined in Kronenwetter

Village of Kronenwetter
Village of Kronenwetter

KRONENWETTER, WI (WSAU) -- Public Works officials in Kronenwetter are continuing to investigate ways to improve the Village's water quality.

During Tuesday's Village Board meeting, officials approved a study of well 2, which has a history of increased levels of manganese and iron. Public Works Director Chris Johnson says those issues are cosmetic and have no impact on the health of the water supply, but they do still cause problems for homeowners.

"We want to ensure that it is simply mineral and not a biofilm issue that we are having in our distribution system," said Johnson. "There is no concern about the health of our water, but we want to be proactive in looking for the best solution for our residents and ratepayers."

Johnson says the minerals can cause problems with appliances that use water. In most cases, he says those issues are simple inconveniences such as changing filters more often than normal or flushing water heaters.

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In addition to the examination of well 2, Johnson says the Village is also waiting on proposals for consultants to complete a larger-scale water study. The purpose of that is to digest several smaller studies that have been concluded in the last few years to help guide future plans for the water system. Those plans could include building a water treatment plant, purchasing water from a nearby community, or building a third well.

Johnson says it's important to complete the studies because residential water standards are often higher than standards for water in a business or other place of employment. He expects the results of the larger water quality study to be ready by mid-spring.