Meet Our Marketing Gurus

Central Wisconsin Marketing Gurus

Meet Our Marketing Gurus

  • Bob Jung

    General Sales Manager

    With over 40 years in radio Bob has been able to fool a lot of people into thinking that he actually knows what he’s doing. Bob has done every job in the business from on-air to programming to sales to management.

    Bob’s main job is to help the station’s marketing consultants grow and learn how to better take care of the businesses that advertise with us. He looks forward to meeting clients and thanking them for the trust they have put into Midwest Communications.


  • Brooke Haas

    Marketing Consultant

    Brooke has worked for Midwest Communications since November, 2006 as a Marketing Consultant for the best managed stations in Central WI: WDEZ 101.9, WIFC 95.5, Rock 94.7/102.9, WSAU AM550/FM99.9, and Fox Sports AM1390/FM93.9.

    Brooke meets with local businesses looking to grow and succeed. She builds strategic marketing plans based on their marketing objectives and goals. Brooke can teach you how to be more efficient with your advertising campaigns and more effective with your advertising results.


  • Cameo Roets

    Senior Marketing Consultant

    Cameo Roets has been a Media Marketing Consultant since 2000. She joined Midwest Communications 2002. She is very creative and knowledgeable about radio and digital marketing. Cameo has helped hundreds of Central Wisconsin business owners achieve their goals through smart advertising. She doesn't sell gimmicky packages or the ‘deal of the week’. She'll work one on one with you to create an individualized marketing plan that will work for you long term. Her success is your success.

  • Heidi MacEachern

    Marketing Consultant

    With over 16 years of marketing and sales experience, Heidi has helped businesses all over Central Wisconsin reach their goals. Heidi is a Business Development Specialist that works with all forms of media, however, her primary focus is on radio and digital campaigns. She has a marketing degree and works with local direct as well as agency businesses to help them succeed in fluctuating markets. She believes in the power of radio and digital advertising, always adapting to new marketing trends. Heidi has many client testimonials and analytics to prove success from the campaigns she has developed. Her goal is to help you be more efficient with your media placement and more effective with your advertising results.

  • Jeff Heinz

    Marketing Consultant/Polka Show Host

    Jeff Heinz has been the "Polka King" of Central Wisconsin for over 28 years. Playing in a band for almost 44 years, Jeff travels around the country and World playing and keeps tabs on what's going on in the Polka field.

    Jeff has a passion for polkas like someone has a passion for ice cream and makes all of his shows interesting. Jeff is married to his wife Diane for 23 years and has two sons Alex 20 and Nicholas 17 who also enjoy polka music.


  • Krystal Schairer

    Marketing Consultant

    What started as a summer internship has progressed into a successful 10 year career with Midwest Communications. Born and raised in Central WI, Krystal moved to Minneapolis and earned a degree in Marketing and Strategic Communication from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. Her education and experiences have fueled her passion to help local businesses grow and prosper.

    She enjoys meeting new people and learning about their businesses. Krystal focuses on developing creative strategies and effective, all-encompassing marketing campaigns to help her clients achieve their goals. When not at work, Krystal has fulfilled her passion for learning new things with her love of travel. She and her husband, Rick, take every opportunity they can to experience new places and cultures.

    Krystal is always excited to work with new businesses, so take advantage of her ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit and creative marketing experience in taking your business to the next level.


  • Malibu Springer

    Marketing Consultant

    As an Integrated Marketing Specialist, Malibu Springer designs marketing plans that include both radio and digital advertising. She works to make advertising easy for new business owners from before they open their doors to established businesses looking for growth opportunities.

    Fun Facts:

    The name Malibu comes from the Chumash Indians and means the loud sound of the ocean as it comes to shore or put simply, noisy surf. Malibu likes to help businesses make a big splash in the advertising world, getting their messages heard through the clutter.

    Chevy Malibu’s first generation of cars started in 1964 and has stood the test of time through innovation. Businesses need to stay on top of technology and incorporate it into their growth. With so many options in the digital world, Malibu can make recommendations on how to reach your target market most effectively.

    Malibu Rum, well okay, you need to have some fun. Tagged “sunshine in a bottle” it brings a smile to many. Malibu Springer believes in making campaigns exciting to grab consumer’s attention and make them act.

    Malibu’s middle name is not Barbie. The Malibu Barbie doll came out in 1971 which was before she was born. If you love Barbie or hate her, the point is that you know who she is through great branding. This is one type of marketing strategy that Malibu Springer would like to customize for businesses.

    The worst action to take is In-action or doing nothing when it comes to promoting your business. Malibu takes the time to truly understand your business and your goals to develop a plan of action. She will help you get the Right Message out to the Right People at the Right Time and become the consumer’s choice. Let her open the door to your future.


  • Mary Radandt

    Marketing Consultant

    Experience. Market Knowledge. Result Driven Solutions. That’s what you’ll receive when working with Mary. With over 30 years in marketing – 25 of those right here in Central Wisconsin – Mary has the market sense that your business needs. She will listen and learn your business to put together a customized marketing strategy for your business’ growth and be there for you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a marketing partner, contact Mary today.

    Family and community are a big part of Mary’s success. She, her husband Jeff and dog Missy reside in Kronenwetter. In her spare time, Mary enjoys spending time with her husband and their two amazing boys and their families which include six adorable grandchildren.


  • Tom Boodle

    Marketing Consultant

    Tom Boodle is a marketing consultant with Midwest Communications. With over 35 years of sales, marketing and business ownership skills he is able to help local and regional businesses grow in a competitive market place.

    After attending The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Tom moved to Seattle Washington. He started in sales and management and later became the Director of Operations for Kits Camera’s, a chain of 175 franchise camera stores. Later Tom took ownership of his own camera store in Oregon.

    After leaving the retail business Tom worked in marketing and advertising in Wisconsin and California. He also founded his own business and marketing consulting company designed to fill the management, sales and marketing needs of local and regional businesses. His business experience also includes teaching in sales, management and marketing for private corporations and local schools.

    Having had experience in all forms of media Tom has chosen to concentrate on broadcast radio and internet advertising having found them to be the most effective forms of communication. He finds marketing to be a great career enabling him to use both his business as well as creative skills to help others. He creates great relationships with his clients by always treating their business as if it were his own.

    For an in-depth analysis and help with your marketing needs contact Tom today.


  • Tom Suleski

    Marketing Consultant

    Tom Suleski has worked for Midwest Communications as a Marketing Consultant for 8 years. He helps local businesses develop comprehensive marketing plans. Tom can help you be more efficient in your media placement and more effective with your advertising results.

    Before joining the Midwest Communications team in March of 2008, Tom worked as a Area Retail Representative for RJ Renolds for over 16 years.

    Tom served as a Gunner in the US Army from 1987 to 1991.


We offer potential advertisers a number of unique marketing opportunities that can be customized to fit your business and target customers.

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Radio reaches over 90% of the U.S. population every week in every age group.

Graph: Weekly Radio Usage

How Can Radio Marketing Help Me?

  • 70% of people with favorite radio personalities follow them on social media.
  • Only about 10% of adults 18+ will listen to satellite radio in a week. Nearly 93% of adults 18+ will listen to radio in a week.
  • Virtually all radio listening happens live, in real time, while more than half the adult 18-49 top 10 TV shows’ ratings come from 7 day DVR viewing.
  • 96% of people listen to the radio Monday through Friday, with 93% staying through a 1-6 minute commercial break.

How Can Digital Advertising Help Me?

  • Advertising is changing and people are moving beyond traditional media with their advertising. In the digital age, people are more connected than ever often walking around with internet access in their pocket or purse.
  • Digital advertising combines the reach of TV, the frequency of radio and the tangibility of newspaper.
  • The most powerful component of digital advertising is the instant access to your customers. You need to explore an advertising medium that can not only get your word out to the masses, but allows them to act on those buying impulses the instant they receive your message.

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